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Abid Khan

EvolvX is a true representation of holistic training sessions for all those who want to improve and upscale themselves in personal and professional space. It means that the team of development experts’ functions under the leadership of Muhammad Abid Saeed, the pioneer of this company.

Seeing the major gap between interpersonal and corporate level skills with the demand to elevate in businesses, careers, and a wholesome personal life, Muhammad Abid Saeed helps people from different walks of life to manifest the best forthcoming needed soft skills.

Muhammad Abid Saeed, a motivation that assists individuals in manifesting their dream jobs and lives, comes with 25 years of experience under his wings. He is an educational leader, soft skills trainer and success coach.

The main forte of Muhammad Abid Saeed includes personality type assessments, personal development and leadership. Since his sessions are considered holistic because of the right infusion and blend of wisdom, religion, and science, people find his training sessions actionable and doable.

Not just that, Mohammad Abid Saeed has mentored super successful individuals, trained winning teams and established high-performing institutions. All of these sessions and programs include a five-step model of MBTI gold standard for personality type testing, which is a proud name in the training sector of development.

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